About Us

My wife and I have spent our whole lives in love with technology and home audio, and we decided to put this site together to answer questions and give tips when it comes to Home Theater and Home Automation, and help everyone who has been us in the beginning to giving tips that some audioholics don’t even know about! I hope you enjoy this site as much as we like creating it. This would be a page where you can write all about yourself!

Whether you want to know how to hook up an Alexa, Google Home, Nest, or just want to change the look and feel of a stereo receiver, we are here to help you. Why pay a company hundreds, thousands of dollars to run wire, and connectors to your speakers? The biggest thing you need when doing this stuff is PATIENCE. I know its hard, especially when you have been trying to get something to work, but patience really does pay off.

There is nothing better than buying a new tv, receiver, speakers, or some other piece of equipment and it taking hours and hours to get it working to the point where you want to throw it out the window. Please check out my about me page HERE.